Get the Hell out of here Brown Dash!

The easiest thing to do in this time of uncertainty is to hide our heads in the sand and pretend that this so-called ‘long illness’ does not exist. It is to pretend that people who die of this ‘long illness’ are saints who; some of them didn’t go all out to infect others with this illness.

I had a conversation with a friend this morning who asked me if i was distraught that ‘my friend’ died. I asked who that friend was and he said Siphiwe ‘Brown Dash’ Mpamile. I know he was joking because Dash was never my friend even though I met and interacted with him once during a Reconciliation Day event in 2006. A fit healthy Dash still marvelling in the hype created by Phansi Kwe’ mthunzi we langa.

Dash was everything young kids would have wanted to be. I’m not certain if he was single but he came across to me as having a roving eye. However, roving eyes don’t kill people since they are not a ‘long illness’. But the mishap is that roving eyes can’t see the ‘long illness’. The so code-named illness that continues to claim young people in our country. It is Stephen King’s It.
Former minister of COGTA Sicelo Shiceka died a week ago after a ‘long illness’ and nobody is prepared to disclose the name of the illness even though as taxpayers we paid thousands into his medical bill. We don’t care much because to a larger extent we know what the ‘long illness’ is. We might be dodgy about calling it by its name; which is actually the first wisdom but we can count its fatalities and dare those who survive them and feel aggrieved to sue us; armed with proof of something contrary to our assertion.

I hear that the unnamed ‘long illness’ killed Sizwe Motaung (soccer), Khabzela (DJ), Zombo (musician), Sicelo (politician), Parks Mankahlana (Nelson Mandela’s spokesperson), Peter Mokaba (politician), Zodwa Khoza (business executive), Freddie Mercury (musician), Eazy E (musician), Makgatho Mandela (business executive), Dash (musician), Thabang Lebese (soccer) and many others whose names keep slipping our memory. It is unnamed and that might be the reason why it’s so strong.

However i was annoyed by those who on Facebook tried to sugar coat the kind of celebrity behaviour that often leads to people dying of ‘long illnesses’. I am not moralising but like i told my friend this morning; there are many people who get infected by this ‘long illness’ but continue to live for many years. I told my friend those who get infected and rush to the morgue are usually the types who say ‘ya, i was infected by these bitches and i’m going to infect as many as possible before i die’.

I think Dash represented everything that adversary races have accused Black men of being and something that many men have down the years died trying to prove that we are not; reckless, sexually charged, self-hating and most likely to point the gun in our hands at the next Black person.

Sonsofbitches risk reinfection and do not understand that the causes of the ‘long illness’ are not footprints which you leave everytime you walk on the desert. With your worst intention you can fail to leave a drop of the cause on your victim. This ‘kudla bantwana’ lifestyle is the undoing of many so-called pop icons (sport and music).

So, while the rest of the country is prepared to bury their head in the sand; pretend that they couldn’t see Dash was dying when he performed with Spikiri at the SAMAs two weeks ago and will act surprised when they read the tabloids in the coming days I refuse to join the mob.

I don’t condemn anyone because in an ‘unrelated’ article years ago Marianne Thamm wrote about socialite Adam Levin (AIDS Safari) and Khabzela (Yfm); to paraphrase her, “promiscuity does not cause AIDS, it’s sex without a condom that causes AIDS”. So if we are going to behave like pop stars and chow groupies at backstage let us at least put that Jimmy on the dick and we can chow the chicks until chickens (no pun intended) come home to roost.

Hamba Dash! Say hi to Khabzela, Zombo, Sizwe and Chillies

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