Sistas with BIG Egos – Parenting 101

Now my business is not griping but I think so-called celebrities should strive to build own brands that do not rely on human props to suffice. I was terribly offended when i saw the covers of Real and Soul magazines featuring two women whose claim to ‘celebritica’ still beats me. I mean these are just two ladies who have day jobs like the rest of society but when does that make them ‘celebrities’ evades my reasoning.

These two are Dineo Ranaka and Kelly Khumalo. Well, i know Dineo used to work for Yfm and even tried her hand at acting with dismal consequences. She even claims; due to her television work to being a DJ. Her real claim to fame is allegedly dating swagjacker Kenny Kunene. Now, that’s her, not her child.

Now, regardless of this being Mother’s month i struggle to understand why she has to subject her child to the limelight at a time when there is more money from kidnapping children for ransom than working your butt off. Real celebrities don’t expose their children in the media but try hard to keep them as far as possible since like their cars and houses; their children are not an extension of their brand.

Real and Soul magazines really outdid themselves this time. When trying to understand the justification Kelly should pose with her son i always end up with zilch. I mean it is gross enough that she has pierced the young boy’s ears and fitted earrings already without its permission but to go further and plaster the poor boy on the cover of a gloss is just not on.

I probably am old-fashioned and believe that only daughters should be involuntarily pierced. But boys? No ways – not even when your father is Jub-Jub.

This brings me to the point behind this post which is child abuse and media exploitation of ‘black girls’’ naivety. Both magazines do not give two hoots about the welfare of those kids or their self-declared ‘celebrity’ mothers. They are just milking them for whatever they claim to be worth. However those two boys smiling for the cameras infront of those magazines to brush mommy’s egos and at her whim is grotesque. To me it was as sickening as some version of porn.

Plus all those kids on parents’ Facebook profiles make me wanna puke. Respect children’s right to privacy and to be raised in an environment that allows their development without a sick and callous world counting their every step.

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