Bushbuckridge Unleashes - Slang G The Don

The name that his parents gave him is Eben Mkhabela and in hip hop circles; where you must have a fancy name to play the game he’s known as Slang G Da Don. The twenty years old rapper has been gracing the Luv Ur Hood hip hop session scene for some time now. His long participation in hip hop has produced a couple of never-heard-before songs; a couple of never-heard-before music videos mostly shot and directed by Mahlatse ‘Ndbas’ Ndabandaba. Those artworks still await their opportunity to be seen by the world – that’s if the world cares enough to go in search of work inspired by hunger and passion.

Slang G, like tens of other influencial artists and movers-plus-shakers comes from that hustler’s nightmare called Bushbuckridge. Please don’t be misled; Bushbuckridge is not a town but a whole tens of square kilometres that gave the world AB Crazy (though he loves to protest this), Shaft Moropane, Nkoto Malebye, Identicals etc. Talent oozes from this community’s reservoir like oil in Saudi Arabia. If talent was tradable at most Currency Exchanges; Bushbuckridge will be experiencing a US-funded civil war. However Slang is currently grinding in Pretoria where he is studying  and continuing where he left off in Bushbuckridge – making music. “I have always been in music from a very early age; I used to rap @ school with friends during lunch breaks as well as at home. I get my inspiration from listening to a lot of music from both local and international musicians such as Pro, Proverb, Kwesta, Teargas, Jay-Z and Kanye West just to name a few” he told Kasiekulture.

Being intimate with the Luv Ur Hood brand which was founded by Hlompho ‘Masta H’ Lekhuleni (Mapulaneng Mixtape Volume One) and Khutso ‘Katsuko’ Malele has afforded Slang G the opportunity to work with a number of great artists;  producers and dancers like WildKats, T-Master, Dobby, Matt from Radio Bushbuckridge, DND, EMAN and many others. “I have chosen to title my upcoming mixtape the EPIC MIXTAPE. I truly believe it’s going to be epic album since I put a lot of hard work into it and hope this will show in the way people respond to it” he says.

A single from the mixtape is currently available on Facebook, Soundcloud and also MP3tweet. The killer song currently on cyberspace rotation is called So FLY featuring Dobby from Pretoria. The song will soon have a BAIDA WEAR sponsored video preceding its viral success. “I want to work with a long list of artists from Mpumalanga especially Bushbuckridge people like Hasta H, Chirs KILLA, KHONGZ, TBOY, 012SOUTH and many others. I believe in Mpumalanga can take over the industry if we work togather and stay focused. I am willing to collaborate with different people from all over the province and I want our music to grow” Slang G says with finality

People can get hold of Slang G by emailing ebeneazy@gmail.com on Facebook as  Eben Eazy or my fanpage Slang G as well as twitter @EbenEazy.  

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