Killing Afghan Culture – America Needs a Women President

When i was young and growing up my ideal holiday destination used to be the United States of America. The Empire State Building, Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge etc. I wanted it all and to me that Land of the Free symbolised everything that was right with human existence.

And then i grew up and noticed that it was actually more difficult to enter the US and witness for self the majesty of those iconic landmarks. They try to stop you from entering by asking you how much you have in your....wait for it... account. That is not all; they also want to know whether you have a credit card or not. Well, unless i’m grossly mistaken the majority of the credit card companies are actually American. So, they want to know how much business are you doing with them.

I’m not going to touch on how impossible it has been since 9/11 but my point is to question who is America to preach civil rights to the world?

I was recently watching a documentary on Al Jazeera English about how American NGOs and advocacy groups are trying to change Afghanistan and uplift women to equality. They got to Afghanistan, found women wearing veils and subordinate to their men and not working on television or aspiring for political leadership.

America told them that they can work on television; the idea is to get US companies business in the television business in Afghanistan. Now, those old age cultured women started seeing themselves as Barbara Walters and while that irked the bearded men of the East, it should be understood in the context of culture.

Their culture, age old and celebrated accorded Afghan women a space where they could be in charge and make an impact in society. Truth be told; Afghan women haven’t been always sitting cooking in kitchens before Americans invaded that country. That’s what the US media is trying to sell to the world and that’s a narrative that should be countered with information sourced from thousands of cultural books and literature that are today being cleansed from Afghan’s literary landscape. The first practise of colonists is to destroy everything that will remind you of your own greatness so as to buy into a narrative that they brought you civilization – Western civilisation.

Americans have managed to convince a small educated Afghan elite that they should aspire to take over political power and that with American funding they can achieve that. They are not interested in those women’s welfare or political clout but to undermine the Taliban narrative.

The only reason America wants to elevate Afghan women is to undermine Afghan culture and its civilisation. And while those bearded men who kill women for trying to go to school might claim to be upholding honour – the truth is that the only way to triumph over a bad idea is to bring to the fore a better idea. And killing people is as ugly as killing a people’s culture.

And America; well it can promise those women the possibility of being presidents when America itself with all its talk of an equal opportunity society and a democracy to be envied has never had a woman president in its two centuries history. Makes you think doesn’t it?

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