What’s Funny About Zuma Smiling? Obama Patronizes Us – Again!

I’m puzzled by the silence of our intellectuals on the patronizing of this country by US President Barack Obama that he applauds South Afrika for having voluntarily abandoned its nuclear programme. In 1989 South Afrika announced that it was abandoning its nuclear programme and dismantling its warheads. In 1994 the International Atomic Energy Agency verified that the programme was squashed.

I am saying Obama is patronizing this country because South Afrika never voluntarily abandoned a programme. For those who follow world history here are pointers to follow. Flashback;

1989 is the year that the Soviet Union crumbled and the Berlin Wall collapsed. In other words the Iron Curtain was finally torn. Poland was charmed by the Solidarity comrades and the whole Europe was realigning. The Boers in South Afrika, forever the smartest leaders of this country could forsee as early as 1983 that they can not sustain apartheid forever. There were sanctions piling up, a murky war in Angola where they were facing the disciplined Cuban Army, the new SADF conscripts were in the township to enforce a dying doctrine, End Conscription Campaign was gaining momentum with many whites choosing to serve jail time instead of joining the apartheid army.

The boers knew right then that the darkies were coming into power as formerly feared organisations like the ANC, ANC and SACP were gaining popularity by virtue of mass mobilization by UDF and its calls for consumer boycotts, defiance campaigns, making townships ungovernable and school boycotts. So, the boers did what every visionary regime would do – prepare for the darkie takeover.

What was the first thing they did? They could not hand over political power to a black government without regulating how strong such a government will be. They auctioned Iskor to Arcelor Mittal, changed the framework that governed Armscor, DENEL, ESKOM and many other state entities.

Then they did the smartest thing; they decided that they are nto going to hand over the country’s nuclear programme to a black government. They could not allow South Afrika to be the only black ruled country – by extension Afrikan country with a nuclear bomb. So, their friends, the ones who developed with them; the Israelis, the US, France and Britain decided that they need to dismantle it to deny Mandela to have his finger on a trigger.

The Mnadela South Afrika could easily befriend Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, China and be a threat to US interests in Afrika. Thus our beloved programme was dismantled by the same guys who started it – the boers, not for altruistic reasons but selfish ones. So, for Zuma to smile like a baby while Obama was patronizing us is uncalled for. If apartheid did not look shaky in the 1980s we would still be a nuclear power.

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