The Juicy Hit List - A CD Review

Mpumalanga Province has, for the first part of the year been gripped by the issue of a hit list containing names of politicians (one allegedly already killed), administrators (one also killed) and journalists (two reportedly on the take) perceived to be stumbling blocks on a big crusade led by one person to become a billionaire by 2014. This chap truly aspires to be a billionaire and he is reported to be putting every effort to reach his target. To the uninitiated a billion rand is one thousand million rands.

Those scary allegations of people being poisoned at parties and shot at their homes are the theme of an audio interview alleged to have been conducted with former journalist Tshwarelo eseng Mogakane before he hurriedly left the profession for the cold hustle. The interview, peddled by Tshwarelo’s young brother Ntate J Modise is titled Who’ Next on the Hit List (Exposing Mpumalanga’s Vampires).

In the CD Mogakane juxtaposes Psalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd) with the fear generated by the infamous Mpumalanga Hit List which journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika has made his ultimate meal ticket. He questions if people alleged to be on the list should panic given that in the history of assassinations there has been people like Jesus Christ, Joe Slovo and Walter Sisulu who at any given time were both marked for death. Mogakane makes belonging to a list look like an exclusive club people should aspire to be.

He reminded me of slain Hamas leader Abdel Aziz al Rantisi who when asked if he was afraid that he was a marked man responded that he wasn’t given that on the Israeli Hit List were eight million Palestinians as well. He said his death would not make him much of a valuable martyr because Palestinians have always had martyrs in every family.

Mogakane argues that Christians should not be afraid to take risks in business or to stand out and be counted because when David says ‘the lord is my shepherd’ he means that all Christians are God’s flock and He shall never forsake them. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no hit list. I shall not fear no politician who wants to kill people so that he can gain political favour and power. I shall not fear no soccer boss. I shall not fear no businessperson. I shall not fear no evil”, he orates in typical propagandist tone.

It is typical of gifted orators like Joseph Goebels, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill who had the talent to give hope to nations when all they could see were shadows of their own conquerors – at the feet of defeat.

In the eighteen verse recording Mogakane touches on many pertinent issues, all themed around the Bible and relating to everyday existence. He claims that the use of muti to secure and sustain employment in government should not scare anyone who walks in the shadow of God. He urges people to go get that job even when they tell you that a car accident, a snake in your office or stroke awaits you at month-end and not a juicy paycheque.

He goes on to claim that people need not stress about changing to satisfy an unknown Deity since their God will lead them to righteousness regardless of who they are. He often crude Sepulana (for the unitiated it is the official language of Shakwaneng – otherwise known as Mpumalanga to appease the King next door).

The recording is full of such motivations that Mpumalanga residents will find inspirational since it is rooted in their reality. Everybody knows that this province is a leader in gospel music and with a fusing of both gospel and the political violence that has given this province such a bad name – Who’s Next on the Hit List should be a mirror with which people can observe themselves – warts and all.

The timing of my resignation has to do with the call that I’ve been having in my life for the past few years. Everybody who has ever been close to me will tell you that I’m on fire for the gospel of Christ, which encompasses spiritual development and personal empowerment. Working as a journalist has brought me closer to the people who need the guidance of God the most and I couldn’t help but feel like poor Jonah on a boat to Tarshish instead of heading to Ninevah to deliver the volume of the gospel” he said in anticipation of speculation that he might have quit to dodge hired men with crumpled copies of the list in their back pockets.

The one and a quarter hour long CD retails at R29, 95 and is produced by MegaMak’s Ntate J Modise. It is available at boot release by calling 0730782319 to place orders.

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