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I love parables. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I love the New Testament when Jesus Christ always uses parables when talking to his 12 disciples. True to their honesty, whenever Jesus introduces a new parable either Peter, John, Matthew, Luke or Mark would ask, 'so Rabbi what do you mean by that?'. You can reckon that Jesus was either relishing breaking down the parables for them over five loaves of bread and two fish or he was puzzled why was it so hard for them to understand the obvious.

I'm using this entry because quite recently I was covering a Congress of the People meeting which was held outdoor in my neighbourhood and addressed by their controversial youth leader Anele Mda, controversial because she made an allegation that if the African National Congress won the next election and (Jacob) Zuma became president 'rape would be outlawed'. Okay, she later apologised - but the fact remains that she said it - which means she meant it at the time of saying it for the first time - when it was authentic.

Okay, on Saturday here she was in neighbourhood, which is actually a very strong ANC stronghold where people lose access to municipal service for merely attending a COPE meeting. They don't worry about other parties like Democratic Alliance or Independent Democrats, or United Democratic Movement- but COPE.

So, while Anele is busy chopping Zuma and others at the meeting a rented car owned by a contractor who has benefitted a lot from patronage keeps driving past and taunting the meeting. At realising that his hooter is not making an impact the man finally drives slowly and shouts "COPE se gat" (COPE my ass). Before some brave comrades amongst the crowd could retaliate Anele was calming them down. She then introduced her parable which I swear was intelligent coming from a young woman.

She said that while she was very young her grandfather used to tell her that whenever she didn't want a dog to bite her she should just stand still, because a dog interpretes movement as danger and that is why it will bark or even bite. She said that a dog will bark a lot when you move but it will be silent when you stand still. "That is why today you shouldn't be surprised when the ANC barks like this; it's because it can see movement on our part. If we were not moving it wouldn't feel threatened and bark but that we are making moves is scaring them. They should continue barking because this shows that the ANC will not die in its sleep but will be kicking and screaming. There's no way an organisation with so much blood in its hands can die without putting a fight, we should expect the ANC to fight, bark and even struggle as its lasT kick". Wow! how can a woman this young be so callous in language?

I was left flabbergasted and wanted to chat more to her. Actually I caught up with her for another chat. For more on that other chat go to www.umshiniwami.blogspot.com or read Mpumalanga News this week.

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