Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

I have been trying to get as many Blacks as possible to post their thoughts on a blog we recently started named 'MSHINI WAM' which should be where all of my province's bloggers drop their bile and pile their puke. But hey, getting darkies to be intellectuals is as difficult as getting a two-year-old to open their mouth for a dental job. But I know for a fact that if I started the blog with a bunch of Jews we would be on 200 stories by now. Why? Because quite frankly; Jews are intellectuals and are far smarter than most of the folks who look like me. You'll be hard-pressed to find a Jew who isn't smart but you won't need to pay taxi fare to find 200 stupid darkies sitting either at a tavern at 8h00 in the morning or behind a desk, working for government.

Darkies have a dependence syndrome (depend on food parcels, social grants, political parties, churches etc) which they would be doing themselves a big favour if they learn from the Jews that leaving your welfare to others results in six million of you killed (with sincere apologies for the Holocaust). You need to realise that unless you do something for yourself, become an intellecual, bellicose, not allow anyone to say racist shit about you even if they can justify it, challenge television stations, radios, newspapers and magazines that insinuate that you are bad.

Some few years ago I lived in a Jewish suburb of Bramley in Northern Joburg where I always saw them gathered as families doing crossword puzzles, quizzes, going to the synagogue, celebrating Yom Kippur, bidding farewell to teenagers going to serve in the Israeli Army, welcoming those who have finished their 'Davidian duty' and doing lots of things together.

When I returned to may township and tried to fathom that communal spirit I found fathers sitting under morula trees with their friends for days on end drinking malt beer, mothers chilling at home taking care of the kitchen and gossiping with neighbours, Sundays not meaning families praying together but only the mothers and children under 12. And someone wondered why are darkies not moving forward but always pointing fingers at whites for their mishap? Because they are damn individuals and other races are communities. No wonder God gave darkies more fingers so that they can point to as many whites as possible. Whites have no problem; they do their thing, build communities and move forward. They strengthen their institutions, schools, churches, civic bodies etc, while blacks are waiting to be tokenised by government.

Here's one thing that has been worrying me lately. Darkies are quick to declare that they shed blood for the liberation of South Afrika, even though some of them had it on a platter. They are quick to tell you that they will defend these institutions' independence with their lives if that's a sacrifice called for. Here we talking about institutions like Public Protector, Consitutional Court, Independent Electoral Commission and many other Chapter Nine institutions.

But this year is a crucial one as people have come out of their shells to declare their love for; especially political parties like the African National Congress and Congress of the People. My question is; given that during the last three elections teachers were the ones hired by the IEC to facilitate elections as electoral officers how are they going to do it this year given that teachers, especially members of South African Democratic Teachers Union have been out declaring their love for the ANC and even campaigning for it? Is the IEC going to take the same teachers who campaigned for a political party to facilitate 'free and fair' elections? How objective are they going to be given that the voter will recognise their faces from a house to house visit earlier in the month? Are we not risking killing the independence of these institutions for stomach-politics expediency?

And the IEC should be an independent institutions that should inspire confidence in people's lives to know that their vote will be treated with the secrecy it deserves and no one will remind a voter who to vote for when they are already in the voting station. But can one trust a teacher who sacrificed many hours of work to fight for an ANC victory to let a voter decide for themselves who to vote for without reminding them of the message s/he spread earlier on in the month.

And with the same openely partisan teachers going to facilitate elections one is left wondering if there is something called 'independent' anymore. Would a teacher who campaigned for a political party excuse themselves from working for the IEC? No ways. Are these the institutions that were won through blood that deserve to be protected at all costs? Why then does someone believe that they have the right to kill institutions they helped find? Author William Gumede said in Mail & Guardian that institutions should survive politicians, the IEC should prevail even after the ANC has gone the way of other liberation movements.

No wonder it's at times like these that one understands why there was a suggestion that worker's Unions should not be politically aligned, to keep the purity of the members from any association with political parties, and to make the IEC a respectable body is has become over the last 14 years.

And I swear to you the Jewish community might be believing in different things but they all believe in the sacroscence of Israel, they might differ but they believe that Israel must prevail - against all odds. One hopes it was the same values shared by the millions of South Afrikans who claim to love the country while what they love is their political parties than the country. Their stomachs than what is good for the communities.

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