'MSHINI WAM' - A Report Back

You know prior to elections when the mood of the electorate is so high it is actually the best time to conduct surveys. Everyone comments without thinking that you might be some goon from the National Intelligence Agency fresh from Musanda on an espionage internship. Thus when I run a two surveys on the sister blog titled 'MSHINI WAM' I never quite imagined that South Afrikans can be this vindictive and patriotic at the same time. What came out of that survey left mixed feeling in me. Go check the results for yourself (http://www.umshiniwami.blogspot.com/)

But it seems that most South Afrikans believe that the multi-award-winning local flick Jerusalema actually deserved to win an Oscar under the foreign Language category. Why they would think that given that the film was so full of English still beats me. But I reckon in election year everyone thinks the best of their country. Probably it is at times like these that people want role models and something to uplift them since they know by now that politicians are just a bunch of liars in party t-shirts or suits who are pretending to be listening to them for the first time in five years. A large proportion (which I will leave to you to fathom) were positive, which means if we let South Afrikans decide the Oscar, it would have been the second one after Tsotsi.

However there was a portion of the population who felt that it didn't deserve to win. Even though they were as low as what the Inkatha Freedom Party will get at this year's elections they represented an important constituency. All in all enough people to quorate voted on the poll.

The second poll which exposed the raw anger and vindictiveness of South Afrikas was about political divorcee and COPE founder Terror Lekota. 'MSHINI WAM' wanted to know if they felt that he deserved a bodyguard given that he's a former minister of defence freshly defected from the ruling ANC. We thought since Lekota's bodyguard was temporarily withdrawn some few months ago and he panicked people would sympathise with him. But no, a whopping third of the vote felt he doesn't deserve a bodyguard and should be left to the mercy of his enemies. There are plenty of them I'm telling you.

Quite intriguing the electorate felt that he didn't deserve a bodyguard while SACP leader who last worked for government ten years ago still maintains his state sponsored bodyguard. It was also around the same time that it emerges that ANC president Jacob Zuma's protection costs the state and taxpayer approximately a whooping R1 million a month. Reports says since he was booted from his deputy president post by deposed Thabo Mbeki, JZ has already gobbled R50 million. Well no one is complaining or amused. This at the time that the votes on 'MSHINI WAM' want Lekota's bodyguard withdrawn.

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