Long Live the Spoken Word! Bushbuckridge Comes Alive - Again

Once again this year we had a flaming year-end poetry and music session at Humanity's home at Dwarsloop. It was the second time that Dwarsloop has hosted us for our final poetry sessions. They came to share their thoughts with equals and no one was left disappoined but largely surprised and astounded by the talent that surfaced this year. Some of that talent was such that last year we couldn't spot it, maybe it was still undergoing maturity. A video of the session will be posted in due time and we'll be proudly introducing a guitarist and vocalist who can easily put Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman and all those other Nubians to shame. Quite frankly most of the guys doing music today don't even quality to polish her guitar. Maybe we are bragging, but stay tuned. For this episode we are posting pictures from the event and next time, we decide to shock you out of your socks. Merry Christmas People and Enjoy a New Year full of blessings and achievable resolutions! We had fun this year, let's do so again next year! From all my Bantus on the picture, Aluta Continua.

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