I Feel like Sh*t

We arrived at O.R.Tambo Airport just in time and surrendered the rented car, made it to domestic departures, I checked in my luggage with SAA Airlink and the guys did the same with Mango and we sat down and started reading the free copy of Sunday newspaper. But I was feeling like revulsion after chowing English breakfast and sugar-free caffeinated tea at the guesthouse. I was feeling like shit.

Soon the two guys from KZN boarded their plane and left and I decided to go to the Airlink lounge and wait for my plane. I was feeling like shit.

At the lounge I felt so full of sleep that I couldn’t concentrate on my newspaper. I sat there, looked at my wristwatch and time was 1013. I was supposed to board at 1100. I closed my eyes for a quick nap that would end with the announcer making the first call to board. I was feeling like shit.

The minute I woke up and approached the boarding gate the security guy asked me who I was and when I told him he said that I have been off-loaded. For those not in the know, this means that you have missed your flight and you can no longer fly. At that minute I felt like I was sweating blood. I have missed an opportunity to arrive home at 1200 and was afraid they will charge me to put me on another flight.

He advised me to go to the check-in counter and request to be put on stand-by. I was feeling like shit. I moved to the direction sweating like hell and I decided to make a bee-line to the loo for a quick visit – preparing myself to part with money in the event that I need to pay for the service.

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