narcotics love

the story of my life coming soon next to you
interrupt your reality your life is a soap opera
bring 365 pages multiplied by thirty-two
each day cover eight pages it's ninety four thousand pages
divide that by four vices I give you twenty four thousand
see me explore my relationship with narcotics & alcohol
in a menage trios session residing in a diary
if I can put a diamond ring on a finger it will be drugs'
for they were there when nobody ever answered my cries

I tried plenty narcotics but I only loved 1
Like a broke loose woman bedded them all in a rush
Might not have liked the repercussions
But peace of mind was the real catch
Found Rattex to be revolting lost my appetite
My eyes hurt tears flowed burst veins turned them red
Eyelids contracted had difficulty sleeping
Suddenly felt what rats feel as it bursts they kidneys
Rattex proved a babymama with a lot of drama

Methylated spirits fried my tonsils had difficulty swallowing
Piece of flesh on my throat just needed salt to be relish
For ten seconds felt like Primus 'fore the match catch the flame
Before the green fire goes up & we ready to cook
My tonsils went up in flames as cold saliva dripped non-stop
From the bottom of my tongue came the thickest liquid
That nearly caused a tsunami when it hit the ground
My eyes went blank I only saw something black
Those two seconds of darkness felt like my whole lifetime

Hard liquor had me sweating but it stayed my slave
Though it always toasted my kidney chased its power with caffeine
My main drive to graduate from 5five to 43%
Maybe even go beyond 50fifty do some pure cane spirit
Squadron was bad smelled like cognac perfume
Grilled my tonsils often brought tonsillitis
But I stayed loyal we married 'til the day we divorced

Now found weed smoke a faithful girlfriend
Woke up 1 morning put a ring on its finger today we married
Though I'm a hustler not always there but quality time we spend
She gets me high on a puff have me calling her name
Brushes my ego have me thinking I can fade superman
Sometimes lifts me fly like angels feel closer to god
I can chill make movies in my mind & be a star
I can die & resurrect in my own sequel to star wars
Weed & me we bedmates after all unfaithful narcotics
I'll never go back to Rattex weed shares me with no bitch
To the very end I love my drugs for they are all I ever had

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