Lesson # One

One smart woman I went out with in the past once told me something I still consider very important today. While deep in conversation about the tell-tale signs of love she said to me, 'you know what baby, when you love someone, everytime they open their mouths you hear the things you want to hear, when you look at them you see what you want to see and when you call them they tell you the things they know you want to hear, so baby, never fall in love'

Wow, this was interesting coming from someone I often shared my dreams with. She was saying to me I should never fall for her because me falling for her will dull my brain. And did I listen, hell no. She literally left me one December and she left me with a broken heart. She left me and never looked back. I called her and told her what I thought she wanted to hear but she was not on that tip.

We met some couple of times and she was easily treating me like a brother. The smooth transition from boyfriend to brother was painful for me. I still wanted to hold her, run my fingers on her spine, wrap my lips on her D-cups, cunnilingle her, braid her hair in a post-coitus bonding session, tell her that everything will be alright. Listen to her fears and soothe them, her dreams and make them mine.

She left me, and never looked back. I kept calling for her but she never looked back until she disappeared into a dark cave. That was five years ago, and it was only last month that I deleted her numbers - because both of them were not working.

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