Food Taster for Moudihfa?

HUYAN - There have been calls for all President Yulaf Moudihfa's food to be tasted by a special food taster since he was hospitalised over the weeked for food poisoning. He has since resumed his duties at State House.

Moudihfa's doctor, Greuna Louhat told News@Ten that the incident in the outskirts of the city have indicated how vulnerable Moudihfa is to outside toxins and that it would be useful to him to hire a special cooking staff and a food taster to mitigate chances of the incident happening again.

"Look, the president randomly picked a slice of pineapple as a symbol of support for the vendors in the slums and the next thing he was near-death. Nobody knows where enemies of our republic are hiding and it will be useful from now on to have a professional food taster", Louhat warned.

Such a suggestion has been welcomed by the Secretary of Intelligence Myulan Suwur who added that his office was already working on the fine print for such a person, who he said will obviously need to undergo a background check and security briefing.

Human Rights organisations have joined other civil society structures in calling for Moudihfa not to run for a third term but to allow a new candidate to emerge from within his party or the opposition parties "This suggestion of food tasters is a waste of time and money since nobody is above death. Even the greatest nation in the world was conquired on September 11, 2001. That money should be used to build the slum dwellers proper housing and to provide sanitation", argued Jwelo Novui of the Forum for Huyan NGOs.

Still, for such to happen, the government will still need to take it to parliament where it is suspected it will face stiff competition from opposition benches. - news@ten

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