Bill Passed Amid Protests

HUYAN - The Huyan Revolutionary Council has pushed through parliament a Bill aimed at creating a special Food Tasting Unit to be attached to the Presidency of Yulaf Moudihfa.

Opposition parties were left complaining after the deputy president casted his deciding vote to unlock a tie that saw a split in the 200 member house to block the controversial bill. HRC won by 201 to 200, enough for the bill to be passed and president Moudihfa to make it law.

Presidential spokesperson Maliu Sihuyam said it was victory for slum dwellers since many members of this controversial FTU will be drawn from them. "This will result in massive employment of the peasant population of our country. It is reason enough to vote for Moudihfa for a third term since about 30 slum dwellers will move into the H$49000 per annum job with immediate effect", he told the foreign press.

Human Rights Watch has voiced its concern that as it is the case with the military and police, the people who get hired for Huyan's dangerous jobs always come from the slums. "It is a sign that this government does not value the lives of slum dwellers", HRW said in a statement released from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos (Switzerland)

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