President Assassination Attempt

HUYAN - President Yulaf Moudihfa survived an assassination attempt on Friday night after he was poisoned while touring the Imnula slums (above), in the outskirts of the city.

According to spokesperson for the presidency Maliu Sihuyam the president was in Imnula as part of his election campaign ahead of the August 2008 general elections. He is expected to run again for a third term as the country's president. "The campaign doctor and our team rushed Mister Moudihfa to One Military Hospital after he complained of constipation and high fever. He was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit for overnight observation", said Sihuyam.

Doctor Greuna Louhat told News@Ten that food poisoning was diagnosed as the cause of Moudihfa's life-threatening condition. "We kept him for observation after our toxicologist managed to flush the poison which we identified as cyanide", he said.

Meanwhile all the vendors in the slums have been rounded up by agents from both the Internal Intelligence Organisation, Police Intelligence and Military Intelligence in what is said by observers as a violation of human rights. "The military and the intelligence has a history of detaining people without trial over mere allegations. I will be surprised if human rights organisations do not take the government to task over this arbitrary arrests", said Professor Fulawi Slukila of the University of Huyan.

Amnesty International demanded, from London in Britain that all detainees be either charged or released with immediate effect.

President Moudihfa was resting at home with his wife, said his press secretary Ilyuna Zihjui. - news@ten

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