Make Me King

When Joe Tlholoe was chosen as the Press Ombudsman some friend asked me what does an Ombudsman do? Honestly I don't know what Ombudsman or woman does except that they say it's the media's own self-regulation tribunal. They say it's more like the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) which regulates what goes on on television. You can complain about the pornography on etv or the violence on SABC1, or the religious dogma on SABC2 or the American cultural imperialism on SABC3.
This had me thinking deep. Even though they say the Press Ombudsman is as toothless as an anaconda I figured it's primarily because nobody has ever tried to make it bite. I thought, there are so many blog aggregators that are doing good work in narrowing blogosphere traffic and directing bloggers and blogfiends to the right blogs but there is no ombudsman to hold Why South Africa Sucks accountable.
I want to be a blog ombudsman and field all the complaints about content on blogs. I don't want to be narrowed down to South Africa but to the whole world.
Whatever Technocrati has on its files I want to be accountable to me. All the more than 71million blogs I want to field their complaints and obviously make money. Then some funny friend says to me that you need to be old to be made an ombudsman. I argued that blogging is a new invention thanks to Web2.0 and that this argument about ombudsman being old hags is tired. I want to be one in my lifetime. By the way I'm quite young and am still classified youth. Bloggers please, make me king!


  1. I tried following the WSAS link but the blog has no posts, why are you linking us to dead blogs?

  2. Anonymous5/13/2008

    Hey, you are losing me now cuz in here there ain't no WSAS, would you mind to be more specific?

  3. WSAS=Why south-africa sucks

  4. I found it!!!

    The racist idiots at South Africa suck are now at southafricanhell.blogspot.com

  5. Anonymous5/14/2008

    Hey, you are an inquisitive little homeboy mchana. Sorry about that empty blog, go to Google and key in 'why south africa sucks' on the browser and you'll learn why it led you nowhere. One luv


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