(for tebogo)

tebza mtwana, taller than the tallest man
shot to the galaxy like a shooting star
leaving a trail like tracer bullets
you were too fast for the autobahn
running faster than the fastest automobile
crashed & spilled your brains in a russian roulette
died for no cause but the lust in the loins
i'm tired of funerals comrade that's why i'm not there

tebza ngwana, faster than the autobahn
on the day of your funeral i keep a low profile
i stand back & watch the procession
take a sip of red wine like a fish in a pond
your funeral was serene they tell me
observers are unanimous that it was dignified
buried like a 'true' soldier some say you were
others lamented your passing i spit on your grave

tebza mtwana, more treacherous than a million marbles
spilled on that corridor on that load-shedding night
you were too fast for the autobahn
soldiers don't gallavant fatigues down on the battlefield
neither do they inject poison on homeland missions
they wear flack vest to mitigate the impact
but tebza you infected with motive reinfected yourself
on the morning you died we started taking stock
from the beginning to the end you were on a poisoned march

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