Hard Copy vs Scandal
And the winner is ............!
Speaking of Hard Copy and Scandal I was tempted to look at the similarities and disimilarities of both soapies. Critically I found that there is some few pointers which I could base my argument on;
One; Scandal is made up of largely office gossip and love-hate relationships than any real newspaper work. It's been a long time that someone actually saw a copy of a newspaper or The Voice or Scandal magazine. The journalists are always working on imaginary titles that nobody sees. And then there was another one, Estate that Tino and Alex were doing which we never got to even see the mock. There are individual cases of excellence about Scandal in the personalities of Nthati Moshesh and Sello Maake ka Ncube. However the storyline is full of melodrama like the Raphaelly mock-up, the H.I.Victory angle is getting tired and they overdo the gay hype.
Gay is used as a point of convergence and not as a sexual orientation. Credit goes to the good script courtesy of Darrel Bristow-Bovey and others.
Two; Hard Copy is made up of largely more office politics and the acting is quite brilliant without singling out individuals. The good cinematography and directing is in the tradition of Isidingo. Unlike Scandal it becomes apparent that some research has been done as it has more newsroom realism than melodrama. This is surprising given that both soapies are often scripted by the same former journalist Bristow-Bovey, and with Hard Copy even starring a real-life journalist John Matshikiza. The script is good and their use of cameos as they did last week with Kagiso Lediga was a welcome relief - fusing reality and fiction to create faction.
If I had to choose between who to vote for, Hard Copy will always take the crown, but still, I'm a sucker for Scandal because at least they have nice chicks and some eye candy for the chicks.

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