Definition of Humans

It's just that baboons are not too overly ambitious, otherwise they'd be bonking humans if they believed a little bit in themselves. That's so because humans are so mentally retarded they don't need any seriousl convincing to drop their pants. Give a baboon a gold necklace, a blood diamond ring, a Mini Cooper S, a bundle of Zim dollar dosh and two ecstacy pills and you'll soon catch it in an orgy with the pageant Queen and her First Princess.

That's how cheap humans have become since dosh became the currency of choice. Broke chicks just dress up and go to clubs though they heard the Jermaine Dupri saying 'if I buy you a drink I'm going home with you'.

Afrosliqdiva posted about a skank whose hair was recently ruffled by a Naija-ass-dick after a quick shag. Two years ago there was a cellphone shot video of a Witbank skank taking a 12-inch unwrapped Naija dick for a mere R2000 (even AIDS is tagged higher).

If you thought homo sapiens won't bonk apes in cars for a bottle of Sarita, just go to any club on any given Friday or Saturday night. No wonder AIDS is so serious we bury so many humans every weekend, because baboons can have HIV but they won't die from AIDS.

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  1. Sadly....

    It is so true.....

    Humans use sex (putting their own live in danger) for booze, money and a "good" time.

    D'you know how easy it is to get laid???

    And then there are skanks who have unprotected sex with strangers coz "Ooh, he drives a merc and he's got the "BEE" tummy... he can't be "sick", "sick" people are skinny..."

    Brothers hit it before they pay for it these days! Morning after the night before, he gives the skank 20bucks for a taxi to get home and get a pack stimerols or something!!! Shoo.... scary isht


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