Bullard Bit the Proverbial Bullet

That annoying white rapper named Marshal Matthers, otherwise known to fans as EMINEM had a naughty song titled Without Me with a touching chorus that had these lines 'Now this looks like a job for me/ So everybody, just follow me/ Cause we need a little, controversy/ Cause it feels so empty, without me/ I said this looks like a job for me/ So everybody, just follow me/ Cause we need a little, controversy/ Cause it feels so empty, without me'. They might sound like cheap rap lyrics sung by a rapper who confesses to his adoration for drugs but these lines came ringing in my head this week when I noticed that David Bullard (the man bloggers loved to hate) is no longer a part of Sunday Times newspaper.

With his quick wit a, bow tie and a cigar one couldn't help but notice that there was an empty space where Bullard used to perch his creative arse. However I guess at Avusa that's exactly what happens when you glorify colonialism and later plead 'tongue in cheek'

For the life of me I don't see how anyone could justify the gibberish that old Bullard wrote in the name of controversy. To insinuate that colonialism, which came with slavery and human rights abuses, including mass rapes, plus stolen land and so many innocent blood shed was the best thing to happen to the native tribes? No ways.

Maybe if what Bullard was saying was that whites were indeed settlers in this country as there were primitive native tribes engaged in ethnic cleansing before Jan Van Riebeek and his band of thugs landed here, for sure he would have been near-accurate.

But to insinuate that cellphones came with whites to civilize natives living in one-story thatched huts while both black and whites in South Africa waited for cellphones until 1993 is grossly racist. Whites didn't have cellphones until the darkies had them to. Some natives I know even had cellphones before some whites I know. To say the natives would be walking above the land unaware of the mineral wealth below until the Chinese come is tantamont to Indophobia and insult on the intelligence of Afrikans.

Yeah, he might be right that he was given the boot for political expediency or for his criticizing of Avusa but with perceptions like his, who would be surprised there are still so many whites (Skielik, UFS, Barend Strijdom etc) who think they are the best thing to happen to blacks since creation and who believe they are God's gift to Afrika.

So we say goodriddance to Bullard. Read the full article HERE and be the judge.

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