Tattoo # 2

july 15

gimme the realist true queen - let her
allow to be @ her best for the worst I lived
make her caress my cynicism baby make me believe
touch a hustler deep inside I raise my hands abdicate
ain’t no nothing in this life of sin
beats the pleasure of a moment of sin
once in a time let me feel loved & drop a seed

been on a chase my plot for stash is all captured in verse
after all the paper chases
my heart to you I blindly give
tear it open lick my blood
adore every blue vein & paint a mark
forever yours” on my aorta since you left your fingerprint
to the end our life’s in chapters outlaws on the rise

my whole life is speed suppressed to suit your needs
used to get boosted by weed today my zest is your kiss
I run from province to province follow my lust to your crib
The saucy minge under the skirt I touch you once you drip
Tongue trace your lips it looks juicy as I touch the knave
Activate heartbeats unparalleled give it to you girl you brave

Love on the fastlane cherish my stay
One day I’ll be out of your reach so cherish today
Come to my life for eternity though nothing is certain
Come bear me babies with no cusses I trust in the lord
Come see the next day with a hustler got plans to mash
Come be my wife let’s share a joke & pillow smoke this ounce
Love how you call my name I swear I’m yours to the end

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