Some time ago I put together a nice collection of poems under the title Tattoos on my Heart. That was before Journey with Me and Taste of my Vomit. I'm still going to publish the manuscript someday; for today I afford you a sneak preview of how I was feeling at the time.

Tattoo # 1

July 4

We solicit coverage from interfax to al-jazeera
When lyrical torpedoes sink your dream in alcoholic beverage
Questioning every move we make
While my boys be like lightning on a hot-hot day
A bolt struck once, surprised, you the victim of rage
Chasing shadows to eternity lost your way in the cave

Blind like stevie trust your instincts, the road is long
Believe what you facing is kamikaze - a suicide squad
martyrs brigade can’t see death by simulated actions
Explosions never told - the truth surfaces
Piecing together every bit torn away by shrapnel
Prepare for funeral, cover with mask, expose no evil

In torn fatigues fresh from trenches
Mud conceals brown boots of army rangers
Flag-flying pseudo-patriots us & loyalty is strangers
Change our attitudes today, see a brighter ‘morrow
Look to the future with zest, embrace peace like a gift
Have to stay positive now
Get a wife, drop a seed
& watch my foes decease

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