Afro-Pessimism or Apartheid Mentality?
Two weeks ago I wrote the letter below and sent it to almost all media in South Africa, print and electronic. I can mention them but they will take lots of my space. I emailed it to all of them (on their letters spaces), including to the editors who claim to be conscious that they will form organisations called Forum for Black Journalists who are best at flexing muscles against white journalists at the time when they should be focusing on empowerment of young black journalists and advocating for them. I am sad to report that of the white and the perceived black media none of them published it or even commented about it in their editorial spaces. I started believing either they (the darkie editors) are suffering from serious Afro-pessimism or they are still stuck in that dreaded apartheid mentality - otherwise meaning 'don't publish anything that will offend the baas'. Otherwise who can understand their quick reaction to soccer boss Dr Irvin Khoza rightfully reminding an unpatriotic journo that he was thinking like a kaffir? So, I'm taking the pleasure of publishing it myself and you be the judge of its acrimony, especially in the wake of the humiliation meted to old darkies at the University of Vystaat."January's's events at Skierlik have gripped the nation so tight that very few commentators have come out to tell what do they think should be the cause of action following Johan Nel (18)'s alleged shooting of black squatters in a racist rage. The forever loud 'Death Penalty' lobby has suddenly fell silent because this time their own is on the firing (no pun intended) line. Where's the consistency fellow South Africans of a lighter tone?

Unlike the silence and fear that is gripping everyone I felt I should suggest solutions to the scourge, given that none were suggested at Congress for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) when the issue of illegal land occupation and Barend Strijdom cropped up.

We suggest that in the event that a white (any race) person goes out and shoots people (any race) again it would only be fair to make the whole farming community accountable because it's a culmination of an unappreciative (of democracy and black forgiveness) mentality embedded in many farmers. The community that mentally-conditioned the perpetrator over braais and church sermons should face collective punishment for not taking responsibility for their own poisoned offspring. What needs to be done in those situations is that the farm where the perpetrator comes from must be arbitrarily seized by the state as a scene where a crime was orchestrated. The farmers on a radius of 50 kilometres must all surrender their firearms or they be forcefully appropriated by law enforcement agencies. The caches (farms) must be disarmed. And finally the churches (terrorist training camps) which indoctrinate these boys to value their race to others should be permanently closed.

That farming community must be made to feel the full impact of their own's actions. I know the argument will be that they will be sitting ducks against criminals; no ways, it's then that they will be fully integrated into this society and live under the same vulnerable state that blacks in Skierlik and anywhere else live under every night. They will learn that there's something called SAPS (South African Police Service) which is ineffective. We'll call this the War on White Terror.

These people should know how it feels to hear the sound of a gunshot and hide under a bed instead of firing back. Johan Nel's father must be forced to build ten houses for the squatter community of Skierlik. It can't be business as usual in the farms after racist killings; this should be done in the spirit of Business Unusual. The farmers should know that after Nel allegedly shot a man he mistakened for a baboon five years ago they should have done to him what they do to their beloved dogs when they develop rabbies - crime of honour - you put it down."

PS. this letter (which was snubbed by all black editors) was written prior to the surfacing of a video depicting what these Nazis will do the first minute they are back in power.

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