Tattoo # 3

December 21

Babygirl got butterflies, sh*t makes me smile
Head over heels with a hustler
Late night we share long distance telephone calls
Conversate through silence spare words for novices
She laughs like a lover on the verge of sinning
I stay comforted by her voice sounds like she’s singing

When all the stress in the world overcomes my nerves
It’s up to me & my girl to blast it back like troops
She talks loud like a fiend when her supply is low
Guess she’s possessed by a demon pimping her to my heart
We bring passion unparalleled together we make magic
Give us some conga & guitar & watch us make music

Take everything get rendered stupid, diamond in the rough
Resembles a wasted skeezer on a wet dance floor
Afore she slips & falls down expose her crotch
Babygirl in denim jeans conceal her chrome honey feet
I ain’t never fiend for sh*t, but brown sugar got me
I ain’t never said “I love you” but her beauty made me

Babygirl ain’t perfect, but somehow she tries
Throughout the trouble tribulations temptations to hurt
Keep on trying cuz I’m trying it’s hard to stay true
I share the pain of every k*ff*r dying to get you naked
If you fall pick the pieces bet I’m doing the same
Stay true to self, be told I’m faithful cuz I love myself

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