The Definition of Women III
The other time when I was in Cape Town I was sharing a table with this very beautiful senorita. After my second glass of good wine her phone rang and she told me that it was her boyfriend hundreds of kilometres away in Jozi wanting to know what was she up to in the Mother City at 20h00.

My question was, 'why is that cat stressing?'
'He thinks that when I'm out of sight I'm f*cking'
'Why would he think sh*t like that?'
'I don't know. You know you can't believe that when I told him that I'll be in Cape Town for a week he told me that he wanted to take leave and come down with me'
'Come on but you are working by day, what the f*ck would he be doing the whole day while you are trying to put the bacon on the table?'
'He said he'd stay at the hotel'
'But they need to change sheets in the room you know'
'He'll then go to the bar until they have changed sheets'
'Why is he so fucking insecure?'
'I don't know'
I took three fish sips on the 12 year old bubbly and commented. 'Some men know of the things they do when they are working out and they think their women are doing the same when they are not with them'

I loved this chick for her backbone, that she was able to tell him where to get off. Maybe with her it was easy because as she told me, she 's divorced, has a five year old daughter and doesn't give a f*ck. I puffed a phat blunt with her in Jozi and appreciated the fact that there are still sisters like her.

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