Definition of a Woman II

However she was not the first woman who broke my heart. There was this very vivacious woman who used to host the morning show on SABC2 who used to go out with a guy hosting a sports show on SABC1.

Word on the street says that one morning this 'intelligent' woman woke up and met this millionaire BEE bra who had recently being deployed to sports. The brother swept her off her feet and married her. I remember when I was watching her for the last time on television and she was proudly announcing that she's going to be a proud housewife.

I asked myself why would someone quit their job to focus on raising a man's children while he keeps on working and getting bored of the potato salad? I felt she was selling herself short. Even if you married someone as loaded as Warren Buffet you'll still need to have something in your wallet that you've earned, even if you did so brushing his shoes.

And here we are saying women need to be empowered and affirmed; I just wonder how long it's going to take given those who still think the man's word is the Gospel Truth and final.

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