Definition of a Woman
This week my soul was tormented. I was spiritually shattered. Here's this woman who is an unknown fashion designer who one day a journalist colleague of mine writes a beautiful story about who then fall on my scope because I am working on a publication that should celebrate people like her and send questions which she must respond to so that she can be featured in a groundbreaking publication.
I sit and wonder as her reply does not come and when I finally pin her down she tells me she's too busy and when I give her an ultimatum she confesses to me that her partner does not want her to do interviews anymore and she felt he made sense.
I'm on the other end of the telephone line and I'm like 'for god's sake she's a fashion designer, she's a Versace, a Dona Karan, a Machere and what the fuck is this man who chooses to stand on the way of this talented woman because he lacks self-confidence?'. That I don't know him alone is an indictment because as a journalist I know of souls, useless (losers) and useful (winners) and he has never passes through my radar. And that this woman concurred with such a loser left me wondering; WHAT IS IT WITH WOMEN AND SUBSERVIENCE?
Nothing breaks my heart like a sheep volunteering going to the slaughter. What happens if the dude dumps her tomorrow, calls me for an interview, who does she think I am, a condom?
She's yet so unknown she needs every little interview she can give to be considered to showcase at a mere Jo'burg Fashion Week, not Milan or Paris. And she needs to know that if that dude is not winning he's a loser she should dump for one of my friends.

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