And the Winner is....
Some say rugby is the most complicated sport to understand, which we need a World Cup where the Springboks are partaking to follow. True, it is not everybody's cup of tea. We knew of the giant All Blacks forward (was he a forward?) Jonah Lomu when he was threatening us in 1994. Okay, we shall not brag about winning that game because it's water under the bridge.

Then we united again when we bidded to host the Rugby World Cup for 2007, which we lost to France. We might have lost the bid but we won the Webb Ellis Trophy, against big-headed England nogal. And this is the second time that we were united behind the green and gold as a nation.

How do I follow all this information being an arts and culture blogger? Most of it is inspired by the blog (www.keo.co.za) that wins my Most Visited Blog Award. It was started by that Mark Keohane dude who nearly gave some administrators a heart attack when he wrote his tell-all book.

It's a brilliant blog that you should visit when you want to know everything about the Super 14, Vodacom Series and all rugby information. It wins the Kasiekulture Most Visited Blog Award. I'm a fan already.

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