Definition of Women IV
Finally whatever has had us thinking we know something about women's rights; the taxi incident in Noord (Johannesburg) where those morons with bellies as big as one of the three roundavels and dicks as short as short sentence needs to be thought around this issue of the need to define women.

We've all had someone who loves miniskirts in our lives, a sister, a cousin, a niece, a classmate, friends, girlfriend or colleague. We've all had that prejudiced muthafucka raising his shaven head to pronounce that it's inappropriate. But thank god you've never acted on it because you are alone and are not with 100 more stupid sods like those at Noord.

For people like me potbellies are offensive, I can't stand a man with a potbelly and I keep asking myself how do chicks part their legs to accomodate a man and his belly while they can have just a man. A man with a belly so big he can't even see his Willy. There are lots of these types at the taxi rank; but does anybody assault them and strip them of their t-shirt? No. Maybe because they have guns.

While I would advice every chick I know and those I don't to always pack pepper spray in her handbag my advices for pepper sprays always fall on deaf ears. Women, you need those things for when someone wants to rape, assault or do anything you don't like. I'm told that spray is so painful it can bring a grown man to tears.

My question however is; if the sister at Noord was assaulted by women, would it have made such an impact on society? Since women abuse one another everyday during death rituals and nobody lifts a finger because the perpetrator is a female. I like how the women responded to the Noord Street louts and I would go on to say that's what is meant by 'wa thinta abafazi wathinta imbokoto', not this other bullshit you do in the name of feminism.

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