Hooray! 2two hundred not out!
We are two hundred posts old and we would like to share some humour with you. Hey, I can be really funny if I want so don't discount me. My sense of humour isn't the point behind this 200th post. 200 posts later I'm seriously entertaining thoughts of becoming an advertising executive, another Victor Dlamini with regular artist podcasts. But me, imagine advert podcasts.
My first account comes from a cellphone handset manufacturing company that wants to send a message that they are here for the long haul, they are the future. I've worked out the television and print campaigns and I will share them with you.
On the TV commercial you'll be taken into a hospital maternity ward where a woman is giving birth while she's screaming to her husband on the other line of her cellphone - who's busy squeezing a computer mouse (instead of his wife's palm).
He's at work but doing his best to be supportive to his wife in labour by continuosly comforting her on her cellphone. When the baby finally pops out something strange is noticed by the midwives. The baby's born holding an N-series cellphone handset that looks exactly like that of mommy and daddy.
Pay-off line? 'FOKIA, WE ARE THE FUTURE'
But on a serious note I hear it from my reliable sources that from 2009 the Creator is considering bringing babies with cellphones already on a heavenly network - blocked for all the other networks. To recharge airtime you pray and request the denomination. If you've been fucking around you get nothing and your line is suspended.
Forget MTN's Botsotso, Cell C's Talk for Free on Weekend or Vodacom's comical gimmicks, O8HEAVEN is finally here.

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