Hooray! we are two hundred not out! PART TWO
The second advertisement is for a new sports car targetted at highly virile and oversexed LSM 7-11 men between ages 19 to 55. Over 55s only when they are on Viagra or chigwana. It prides itself as the future measure of achievement.
Here we won't do radio, television or radio but panty ads. The way I'll run my campaign will be to buy advertising space on the billboards I know this group sees more than once a week when they want to burn petty cash. My billboards; surprise surprise, prostitutes' knickers (of course like online ads they'll be paid based on the number of hits or clicks, depending on what you like to call them).
The approach; we dress all candidate whores in white knickers with the picture of the red sports car on the front and the pay-off line 'DRIVE ME LIKE YOU DRIVE HER'. As media planners we tell the whore to take her time stripping until the loaded pervert has seen the ad and enquired and probably asked questions which she'll answer like a call-centre whore.
On a very serious note I've recently spotted some ads on stripteasers' knickers in one part of the country that I frequent.

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