Sixteen Days 2006 revisited
Hordes of artists came together to observe last year's installment of 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse which recently started this year. It was an occassion celebrated in song, dance and poetry which was also graced by local poets.
Dwarsloop based not-really-slam poet Rootgirl Oscarine was one of the people who took the crowd by surprise with one of her heartfelt poems. Something she said she wrote after a man dumped her because she was broke. Hers was a poem to question the relationship between material possessions and true love.
Kopano Dibakwane started off rapping one of the son
gs on his unreleased debut album, followed by his recital of One More Verse. Inspiring work came from veterans such as award winning short story writer June Madingwane, who recited a poem called I Wait, a naughty verse with a twist. "I wait as your crooked cock keeps missing the spot/ I wait and when you finally came/ you came too quick". Madingwane is a short story writer and an activist who worked for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Education Fund)
Makhosazana Xaba (These Hands), Vonani Bila (In The Name of Amandla, Magicstan Fires and Handsome Jita), Phomelelo Machika (Peu Tsa Tokologo), David wa Maahlamela (Moswarataukamariri) and many more delivered renditions worthy of awards.
The shock was in Xaba's poem Shit Street, "why do i feel so much pain/ in my body, as if it is seated/ in the centre of the marrow/ of every single bone.../why do i smell s**t/ when i walk in the streets/ when i cannot smell the pots/ burn in my kitchen?"
The following week saw the launch of author of Talks with the Sun, Mpho Ramaaano's first book of plays entitled Twilight; Four South African Tragedies, a book he co-authored with Tsakani Oupa Mongwe. On the day of the launch the crows were also entertained with a stellar performance of The Ultimate Disaster.

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