ode to the queen

the earth must have shook
when she liberated me from the comfort of her womb
I was a soldier made for war
no wonder papa eloped and wedded cowardice
tribulations and I became close
the devil opened his arms, hugged me
feeding me with an incessant dosage of evil
for the pain i've caused
for the oneness we endured
god should have called my number first
so I can prepare home for an eternal rest
in the bliss that resides in heaven, I never manifested it
I never showed that I cared
but when I was locked in a crack cell
my heart bled 'til I saw you near
lord knows, you were the only woman that made my heart stop
when angels serenaded you with a sign
that god has asked for you
now, no more fears
no more depression
no more hopes of a peace of mind
earth is nobody's home we all visitors here
emancipated is a dead body with nothing to fear.


First day of breath first day of deception first day of life
First day of consciousness wondered why the devil has the eyes of an angel
The pyramids have dissolved into the hearts of a clan
They have killed Biko but couldn't assasinate the pen
Picture a preacher's rage when time finally reveals that religion is missing a page
A saint's semen floats at the dead sea
He musterbated on water hoping it gives birth to a holy seed

We've built only for them to destroy
They gave us a lantern that leads to eternal darkness
Tomorrow is a long time for a dying man's ambitions
I prefer to lounge in my skull eyes closed so I can read my mind
Caught up within the rapid movement of time
trying to bridge a gap between their history and our future
I don't give a fuck
I'll rather slash my wrists than blow a kiss to a natural end

Life is waste of time if time is not giving you life
In my last prayer I whispered a request for a daughter and a true wife
Instead I receive death threats from cowards who twist faces yet scared of their own shadows
This is a story of my existance
I lay my thoughts bare for hypocrites to judge my character

Jealousy digs an early grave for the bearer
I got love for my true friends for they see the world more clearer
Respect he who's known to build castles in the sky
For only he'll have a home when he dies
There's no heaven in the clouds or above
While you close your eyes praying for peace your enemies are raping the dove.

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