bankrupt love

i was once deep in love with this african other
my heart firmly rooted in the depth of love
in mental perfection we both dwelt
thought it was just the two of us

i discovered it wasn't pure but rich love you were after
for you bankrupt love was never an option
in a haste fantasy turned into brutal reality
your beautiful smile suddenly became expensive
time with you got debited from my credit card
the love i had for you landed me in debt

first lost my job then i lost you
in bankrupt love you couldn't stay
forgetting i got here to please you
now i know,
cashless love only exists in fairytales
the real world houses love with a huge price tag
characterized by material possesions
my filthy rich heart and empty pockets
i have no significant other

whoever said 'money can't buy love' was rich and heartless
'cause with lots of money in my current lifetime
i know i would have kept you

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