Calling Things by their name: Fascism, anti-Semitism and Murder

Without promoting fascism and impunity one wonders why the ‘lone’ gunman who shot four people at a Jewish Museum in Brussels is labelled an anti-Semite even before his identity and motive are known.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu immediately complained that Europeans ‘are quick to condemn a single house built in Jerusalem but do not condemn this anti-Semitic act’. His sentiments were echoed by Dieter Graumann of the Central Council of Jews in Germany who when commenting on the achievements of anti-EU parties in the European Parliament elections touched on the shooting and noted, “the spectre of anti-Semitism has become a real brutality”. What is anti-Semitism; hatred for Semites or shooting at tourists who might happen to be Semites?
 Graumann equated the performance of extremist parties in the European parliament elections to an attack on democracy and a threat to Jewish European existence.
 Before we give each other ugly badges let’s take a few steps back on this matter; the Kalashnikov wielding thug hasn’t yet been arrested. Nobody knows who he is and what his motivations are. On the security camera footage he is seen shooting randomly, unlike the hostage takers who staged the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes, who were a selective bunch of fascists. He is shooting randomly unlike the Israeli soldiers who recently took aim and killed two Palestinian youth in Ramallah.
 The chap we saw on CCTV, who looks more trigger-happy than calculating could easily be someone who was fired from his job at the museum a few weeks, months or years ago. Or his motivation could be the same as that of terrorist Yigal Amir, killing Yitzhak Rabin; a Jew killing a Jew or like that of the Chechen Tsanaev brothers randomly killing athletes in Boston. There could have been a Semite amongst those Boston dead.
Why are Jewish leaders quick to put a hate crime tag on the recent Brussels shooting? I would think it’s because quite recently the European Union voted to ban the import of agricultural produce from settlements in Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The rhetoric surrounding the Brussels shooting sounds like a counter-narrative. Europe finally develops a human rights spine, Zionists plays the old sulking card: victimhood and invoking European guilt.
 Europe should eternally feel guilty because it babysat a Jewish Holocaust in its doorstep. And let’s be realistic, Europe, not Israel is the reason the holocaust was stopped in its tracks. The holocaust was not a collective European but Nazi German project. According to Zionists today, Europe is forever guilty because it harbours anti-Semites in its body politik. 
 I think Europe is guilty because it’s ignorant to an ongoing Palestinian Holocaust in the same manner it tolerated apartheid in South Africa. With limited sanctions it pretends to be trying to stop a Palestinian Holocaust in its tracks. Let’s be realistic again, this time too it is not a European but Zionist project with the assistance of the United States of America.  Europe is guilty because it calls racists like Mariene Le Pen nationalists. Isn’t Europe a multi-national/cultural continent?

Zionists must stop acting like a wound that refuses to heal. A wound that sends pangs of pain everytime it is touched. In a multipolar world people will be killed by madmen with Kalashnikovs. We can’t afford to check the ID of every victim after a massacre to determinee which one is a homicide and which is anti-Semitic murder.
 Europeans have been protected from the outside world by their imperial forces over many years. The reason we see racist acts in Europe is because Europeans see these new cultures through immigration with strong values from which they have been insulated for a long time and panic. I live in South Africa with Pakistanis, Zimbabweans, Jews (not Israelis), Arabs etc and fail to understand why one should fear cultural invasion when their culture is equally strong and capable of accommodating the good in others. Le Pen’s fear of multi-culturalism deepens her fascism masquerading as advocacy for European traditional values. Her anti-immigration and anti-Semitic rhetoric should remind the world of 1930s Germany.
 Her paranoia is the same as seeking a Jew to save amongst throngs of other victims facing the same danger. The Zionist project is racist to the core. That Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman is on an African safari, shaking the hands of ignorant leaders while denying African migrants in Israel the basic refugee rights prescribed by the Geneva Convention should be seen through its racist prism. It can’t even be labelled Jewish nationalism to open immigration to one tribe but Jewish fear mongering or Jewish fascism. There’s no nation in the world that has never experienced its own genocide; they just choose a different numberplate because ‘HOLOCAUST’ has already been taken. And if every nation’s response to provocation was informed by its history, we wouldn’t have a world to live on.
 FIFA boss Joseph Blatter’s rant about the Palestinian Football Association’s right to have the same rights as its Israeli counterparts irked a few fascist commentators in Israel. Not because it wasn’t factual but he dared equate Palestinian lives to Israelis, which is anathema in an apartheid hotspot where two youth get slaughtered under the glare of CCTV cameras and nobody gets arrested.
 Netanyahu outdid himself outside the grave of Theor Herzel when he ranted to Pope Francis that the Apartheid Wall has saved thousands of lives in response to the Pope praying there. He said if the wall was built a long time ago thousands of lives could have been saved. He exposed once again what former French president Nicholas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama discussed in a pants down moment that ‘Netanyahu us such a liar’. Boers, when in the same position did not build walls protecting themselves but created Bantustans and finally confronted reality and surrendered political power to Black people. Few whites have been killed since Bantustans (Apartheid Wall) were dismantled.
 Until the shooter in Brussels is arrested and quizzed, nobody qualifies to attach a tag to his crime. And the elections of extremists in Europe should not be seen different from those that bring to power fascists like Naphtali Bennet in Israel. People get a government they deserve. No nation has the right to dictate candidates for another nation’s electorate.

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