‘Free Tibet’ – Dalai Lama Remix

They say we are the only people in the world who compose and sing songs when we are angry. For God’s sake we cry in music. We don’t do one liners like the Americans but real songs with harmonious verses and chorus.
We are the only dudes who compose the whole album of protest songs and sing them over braai or when we are sloshed. No wonder the South African Music Awards adjudication committee is contemplating introducing a Best Zuma Praise Song category this year.

It got me wondering; imagine if Mahatma Ghandi also composed and sang protest songs during his torturous dry fasting. Today there’ll be a whole catalogue of Bollywood musicals scored by him and Anant Singh would be stressing us about all copyright issues as if it was granted such should be held by an Indian.

But my thoughts are actually on the Dalai Lama, that peaceful old man who’s always bending backward to accommodate China’s aggression. I reckon given the hype around him remixes of his protest songs would be on many current house albums.

There would be a Dalai Lama Remix on the SAMAs as well with DJ Sbu having done a ‘Remember when it Rains’ thing on it. For all I know if the old man had released an album every year like many kwaito stars he should be on his 50th album by now titled Half-A-Century. Wycleff Jean would have sampled the first single ‘Tibet Tibet, how I miss the Himalayas’. Just imagine that, it will be very banned in China.

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