Eighteen Questions

Why is a silent fart more smelly than a loud one?
Why do rich people find illicit drugs very alluring?
Why do poor people prioritise making babies and putting them on social grants?
Why did South Afrika deny Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama a visa to attend the Peace Conference?
Why don’t Black gold diggers ever invest their spoils to take care of them when days are dark?
Why did Mike Stofile (brother to the Sports Minister Makhenkesi) return to South African Rugby Football Union after saying ‘there’s no place for blacks’ there merely a year ago?
Why does former State President Thabo Mbeki always respond to allegations through his spokesperson Mukoni Ratshitanga?
Why do kwaito musicians and soccer stars mostly die of AIDS?
Why are most Coloureds prone to violence?
Why are more housebreakings committed in Spring and Summer and not in Winter?
Why are gay men more extroverted and exhibitionist?
Why are Somali pirates (not Orlando Pirates) more effective than eight nuclear powered military navies?
Why is Nelson Mandela still able to read without ‘glasses?
Why is there a Democratic ‘Alliance’ when it’s actually only one party?
Why is BEE structured like a pyramid scheme?
Why is African National Congress President Jacob Zuma so confident for someone with a flawed profile?
Why do Lesotho and Swaziland spend money on armies when they are surrounded by a giant which they can’t fight?
Why did the US refuse to sign the Landmines Non-Proliferation Treaty?

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