The Thabo Mbeki I know

Here are ten things that former President Thabo Mbeki is not happy about and which the Jacob Zuma led African National Congress and some optimists would like to sweep under the carpet for political expediency.

1. He’s not happy that his long-time bodyguard was killed a few days after he was booted out of the Union Buildings. He obviously wants to know who killed him and why. Module One on the Close Protection Manual instructs ‘never survive your principal’ and then the Assassination Manual instructs ‘take out the bodyguard first before you take out the principal’. So his guard being killed might mean they were taking out the guard first before taking out the principal (him). Like always, Mbeki will not talk about it, but he’s not flattered or taking it lightly.

2. Mbeki is not happy that he was recalled from the Union Buildings in the fashion it was done, with journalists waiting to hear the big announcement while speculating and then getting their speculations confirmed by ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe. Especially after ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has declared over the weekend that ‘by Monday Mbeki will be history

3. He’s not chaffed that Malema goes unpunished even when he rambles a lot of inflammatory unproven nothings about him and his erstwhile executive. He remembers his ANC and Malusi Gigaba’s ANCYL, the synergy and respect that existed

4. The former president is not happy that JZ seems to be challenging him every turn he makes. He’s not impressed that JZ seems to enjoy humiliating him further while playing victim through all of it.

5. He’s not impressed with the ANC resorting to tactics of applying to have 3000 people outside the Bloemfontein Supreme Court of Appeal during JZ's appearance when it (ANC) is the ruling party (government) and the case is not about the ANC but JZ as an individual.

6. He’s not happy that South Afrikan Communist Party and Congress Of South Afrikan Trade Unions keep prodding him to disclose where he stands on Congress Of the People (COPE) as if they are not intellectuals and can’t analyse. He looks at the whole episode as an insinuation that he’s COPING without disclosing

7. Like former president Nelson Mandela he’s obviously pained by the split in the ANC (a home he’s known all his life) and would settle for nothing more than a reconciliated ANC with concessions from both sides – the Polokwane winners and the losers.

8. He’s not impressed with the little support he’s getting from the ANC on his mediation on the Zimbabwean negotiations. Nobody is interested anymore. He often feels that he’s being set up to fail so as to dim his legacy further

9. Mbeki is also not impressed with the direction the ANC is taking, of challenging every step the National Prosecuting Authority makes, like calling on Chief Prosecutor Mokotedi Mpshe to be called to account for communicating the NPA position of Judge Chris Nicholson’s controversial judgment.

10. Mbeki is not a happy man, and the optimists would make a mistake of thinking he’s taking his axing and the public humiliation he was subjected to by his stride but he isn’t. He also knows the reason behind dissolving the Scorpions and coming up with something that looks like a scorpion is not due to foreign intelligence infiltration but to dim his legacy and to create a beast they will let loose on him after next year’s elections.

Mbeki might not be a member of COPE but I think he appreciates the direction the politics in this country are taking. Less power to the ANC means more power to the people (parliament), even though he was content with being a dictator the nine years six months that he was president.

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