'Those who fear Death are in Denial'

50 cent once rapped that 'those who fear death are in denial'. So, I choose not to be afraid of anything which's progression I can not influence. I choose to be scared of a complicated crossword puzzle because inability to conquer it means that I have failed as an intelligent person. But not death or destruction which are above my powers. I only fear professional boxers becauseof what they can do to me because I have an option of defending myself, but I don't fear a killer with a gun or an infectious disease like the one currently wreaking havoc at Morningside Medi-Clinic.

So, I was disturbed when a guy advised me to catching flights because on the day that I flew into Nelspruit a plane which took off from there crashed in some mountaineous terrain near Barberton. The concerned folk was saying that, given that the crashed plane was on its way to Bloemfontein (where one of my friends flew to on Sunday) I should consider taking buses to short distances to minimise the risk of dying in an air accident.

Look, if you make it your task to read the posts below you will understand that I could easily have died on the same day that that plane crashed. I landed on the same airport that the plane that later crashed took off from. I was taken off from a plane that engineers failed to give a clean bill of health after its engines were heated. Now read below to see that death is not something to fear, given that it is inevitable. I could have been one of the nine people whose plane crashed on Sunday but I was not. Does that make me happy? I don't care!

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