All I know about White People

I’m going to start this post with an old often annoying statement, ‘some of my best friends are white’, and thus whatever I say about whites in this post is not based on racism, self-hate or an inferiority complex. I’m interrogating a few facts and fiction about my white friends;

Misconception # one; Most white people are clever by virtue of being able to speak impeccable English.

Fact; Most of the white people we know in South Afrika English is actually their vernacular. Saying they are smarter by virtue of language skills is like saying people from Kwazulu-Natal are the smartest folks for being able to speak IsiZulu fluently.

Most taxi drivers in Jozi speak fluent IsiZulu but they still think a woman who puts on a miniskirt invites verbal and physical abuse, which is more on the retard side of reasoning – the same way Prince Charles and George W Bush would qualify as retards in any IQ Test.” - Kasiekulture

Misconception # Two; Most white people are wealthy and are born to be intellectually and financially greater than other races.

Fact; Actually a few white people are materially wealthy. If we judge wealth by the size of one’s house it’s just that whites prioritise property to cars and they didn’t have to move to the suburbs since they always stayed there. That fucked-up two storey mansion in Pretoria West cost the same as that Range Rover parked outside a darkie owned RDP house.

But there are darkies with huge houses with cottages in the townships, also with smaller cars and wider paved driveways and sizeable bank balances. The trick is that for darkies they strive to move to the ‘burbs, but very few do downgrade to moving to the shacks. Some of those mansions in Pretoria West occupied by poor whites don’t have anything in the fridge” - Kasiekulture

Misconception # Three; White women are dying to sleep with darkies.

Fact; It’s not a question of priority but taste and at times curiosity. But it’s far from general.

You have difficulty sleeping with your own kind because you don’t measure up in all departments. What in hell’s name make you think any woman, let alone white will overlook your shortcomings just for an unguaranteed orgasm?” - Kasiekulture

Misconception # Four; All white people are business-minded

Fact; Only a fraction have business savvy, otherwise we wouldn’t have all the white police officers, soldiers, teachers, nurses, clerks and security guards. It’s just that the media writes a lot about the few Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, Nicky Oppenheimers and Rupert Murdochs.

There are business-minded darkies like Patrice Motsepe, Phuthuma Nhleko, Robert Gumede and those Sheiks in the Gulf who qualify as darkies by virtue of being Arabs. So, it’s got nothing to do with colour but intellect and savvy” - Kasiekulture

Misconception # Five; All white people harbour racist tendencies

Fact; You tell us

With what we hear about why Barrack Obama might not win the US Elections in the Deep South and why Steve Biko was killed and nobody asked questions, it’s a tall order for the jury to call – but we hope they will make the correct call, taking into cognisance the incident at Coca Cola Park Rugby Stadium and Luke Watson's alleged rant about wanting to vomit on his Springbok jersey to spite the Dutchmen running rugby” - Kasiekulture


  1. You mean to tell me that white women are not after my black dick. damn and here I thought that moving to Springs was not all that bad, thanks for ruining my day.lol.

    On a serious not, nice post. I think you should do a black and coloured one too 'cause there are lots of misconception with regards to darkies and coloureds

  2. Anonymous4/19/2012

    @AQUILOGY ! uuu no actually they are not after your black dick , becorse it probably hasent been washed for weeks and u stink like sunlight soap , !!!


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