Poetic Orgy

This past week I have been working on poetry. Seems like I have regained my spark again after many months of writing newspaper pieces. I took some leave and came back wow. I am sharing these two with all ye ya.

unconditional love

"unconditional love died when Hummer3 hit the streets" - anonymous

listen to me,
as you do to your favourite radio station
when i talk gibberish please don't change the station

love me,
with the same passion you have for cigarettes
when time comes you wanna quit, go cold-turkey on me

watch me,
like i am a sequel to the night you finally got deflowered
like i can restore to you what you lost that night

embrace me,
like a dope fiend's adoration for drugs & self-destruction
even when they kill her she gon' love them to her grave

undress me,
from my hat to my socks in anticipation of bliss
be happy even if all i want is a kodak moment

serenade me,
with music conceived & written exclusively for me
no cover versions no remixes for i'm an original human being

hypnotise me,
with the softness of your voice make me call your name twice
let me start counting the ways how i really adore thee

catapult me,
to the top of your card deck make me an ace in your life
i love the ace of spades but i'll be the ace of hearts

worship me not,
for i'm just a caricature the creator is my sheperd
give all grace to the lord scream 'glory halleluyah'

make love to me,
in the morning & when the sun goes down
let's stop not cuz of a climax but the blood in our sweat

get drunk with me,
let's make excuses to scream 'fuck the whole world'
true 'if this world was a bitch i'd stick my dick to the ground'

call my name,
when you're alone i'll be the light in your darkness
like a candle in the wind that's how i'm living my life

intoxicate me,
with your tongue kisses make me choke in your grip
let me shiver out of fear while i know not what i fear

let's smoke weed,
fly together to the end of the world
forget RED BULL we got wings activated by zest

indulge me,
not in secrecy like a dirty porn flick
make me a trophy in your cupboard put me ontop of your mantelpiece

the more things change

today has got
same problems as yesterday
it's same failures pretending to be successes
hoisting victory flags borrowed from the victors
plus ugly people exhibiting their ugliness to the world
prizes given for your weakest moment
all in the name of a beauty contest

today has got
same pedophiles as yesterday
same schools same rapist-teachers different convents same faggot-fathers
hiding behind same expensive garbs & platoons of bodyguards
politicians & priests sticking dick sans rubbers
not wanting to look like pussy cowards
some doing it behind confession box covers
while some fear death later take showers
all in the name of beating court charges

today has got
same unfaithful spouses as yesterday
with glittering rings & no neptual contracts
doing the same old dudes in same budget inns
booked through sleuth fund accounts created to dodge the taxman
it's ugly wives chasing ugly mistresses
all the way past maintenance to the divorce courts
for the ugly hubby couldn't keep his dick nicely tucked in his pants

today has got
threesomes & foursomes glorified as orgies
menage trios that the french don't want to call polygamy
soccer & kwaito stars giving hiv to teenage girls in sex festivals
some reinfecting themselves reducing lives to zeros
all in the name of after parties deliberate AIDS spreading

today has got
emptiness unparalelled only closer to caves
it's four birds on a washing line singing in soprano
something deciphered coming out as aluta continua
serenading the violence of silence
courtesy of a partner's eternal beatings

today has got
all of the above and only me being a witness

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