i ain't gon' write about the hustle/
i don't mean to scare ya/
cuz i love you so much wanna make you part of my team/
but still/
i tricked kaff*rs f*cked a ho in durbs/
received thousands rejection slips but still believed i was great/
started a group called it madd froggz put some cash on the dream/
had big plans of multi million even tattered my arm/
everytime i look @ the heart's pilgrimage for a hustler/
madd froggz squad soldier for life is like mecca to muslims/
moriah to zionist christians/
wordfest to poets/
my belief in greatness is unmatched i even bled for my ideals/
slept in sleazy hotels developed an addiction to caffeine/
@ park station cheapest meal is one cup of five roses/
paid my dues in train coaches spending cold-cold nights/
snubbed by superiors for my dreams eclipsed they ants mentality/
i'm a hustler truth is you can't stand on my way/
muthaf*ckas choke in they sleep release blood through the nostrils/
cuz they ain't never dealt with a dreadnought slicing through a glacier/
son of god without the holy ghost navigating through hell/
started with pennies cheap girls on crumpled bachelor beds/
illicit cash on my hands i sold my soul for less/
tried dragging everyone with me as i climbed everest/
before the pussy loss of focus kaff*rs worshipped climax/
while i stood stressing writing poetry smoking a cannabis spliff/
all in my room getting wasted seeing visions of ghandi/
turn the other cheek in a brawl/
my gasoline is cash/
been to every city you dream of/
stashed babies in dustbins/
slept hungry challenged ulcer/
bruised my tonsils through starvation/
bought my first cellphone out of necessity/
never had insurance for my daddy left when he got the message i'm coming/
i'm a muthaf*cking son of a part time mother/
who brought me to this world &d nursed me 'til i turned 20/
21 without a job but my priceless talent/
dear mother set me loose cut me off her budget/
modern day christopher columbus i trust in a compass/
pioneer for my boys i discover terrains/
e.y.e we make joints colonise the underground/
raise the bar drop illmatic invite chrome hollow points/
you'll never know there're only five hired guns with the skill/
to take a shot @ a hustler & bury its dream/
expand your roster playahate put shin bet on your repetoire/
print my name in black ink let them know i'm a native/
that across seas i navigated cosmopolitan buccaneer/
til i found my ass stuck with the truest buccaneer/
muthaf*cka with a dream that dwarfs martin luther king'/
e.y.e we like brothers/
rap game's our mother/
madd froggz squad to me remains bigger than four kaff*rs/
cuz every night before i sleep i still touch MFS/
i just write about the hustle don't mean to scare you/
carry your cross young kaff*r necessity's calling/

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