I wish for once you could look me in the eyes
& tell me face to face all the sh*t that's in the mail
Don't bring me beef I'm a vegetarian
I settle every verbal squabble @ a cipher session
So I ain't talking 'bout guns cuz I ain't owning none
Even this AK47's not mine so smile
Show your molar to a man who just put out a contract
Not only for your bald head but your whole dumb family
Your nieces your nephews your ma & your daddy
Your brothers your sisters grandparents & cousins
The whole branch goes poof casualty of your loose tongue
I heard you claiming bulletproof vest I aim @ your head
Extra clip on a borrowed gun & infra red
Night vision viewfinder just for extra caution
You know how unfair & funny it is to die for words
Sh*t you can take back & swallow chase that scandal with whisky

Hope not to choke or vomit cuz they tasted foul
Honour this invitation say what you feel to a foe
Settle your heart's debt be sure I really know how you feel
You neva know I might behave like pope benedict xvi
Remain conservative & act like I ain't heard you cry
Mistaken your raised hands of surrender for a middle finger
Act on a hunch turn your block to another june 16, 1976
Bring every borrowed ammo start a two-hour mini-war
For I ain't even letting go 'til you leave here in a hearse
'til I see the mortician pull the body bag zipper
so, try your luck come to me & talk the things that you wrote
you neva know I might behave like pope john paul ii
bless you send you packing to the next convent
hoping you understand scripture stay there 'til you die
make it your house of safety until you hear I'm dead

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