a poem for uhuru
(special thankx for the four puzzle)
close your eyes picture a place where everything is pure
position dread'd ghetto-queen time you claimed your crown
get rid of all the masquerade embrace reality like faith

bury your memories of pain, remember to mark the grave
been through enough trials & struggle, time you hustled no more
you deserved to taste bliss the day you changed your name

found something rich than alter ego, together you bonded
like a maori tattoo inscribed on a mike tyson face

& every step that you take gotta reflect your ambitions
be six to six like casino slots always hide a surprise

somenight you spot a shooting star, rush to make a wish

remember behind every tragedy is a hidden blessing
when the door was shut last year a window became an entrance
someday you feel your battle's lost, take prisoners then bargain
since ain't nobody been in a defeated situation before
just fell blind to grace & looked for manna on the floor

catch a shade of an angel, baby look to the sky
scream your name ten times & send your dreams to fly

search for answers never surrender, be prepared for lies
never allow tribulations to eclipse your smile
trading places in your predicament never made it better

still I protest you felt that way just becuz you's a she
evil that befalls ghetto queens never spare the kings

contrary to what you think, sistas need no haven
tis a misfortune to be a man
tis the part you'll never understand 'til you walk a mile

catch a defenseless sista receiving beatings from your kind
sleep @ night catch a vision of her bleeding after rape

remember the face of the man since he could be you
count the stitches on her forehead after an assault you witnessed
when I lay down to rest, all I saw was cathy's face

sleeping pills never helped, could still hear her cries

close your eyes imagine living in the after-life

where queen uhuru will be bestowed of her crown at last
& every memoir of your suffering will be the text for grammar class
the ashes of your every poem will be sold @ auction
fetching zeros of currency you only dream of today
closest you'll come to touching riches, when you invest in self
fill your feisty portable torso with adoration that glows
your dome be the launching pad for your plan to fly

self-hate assassinates in secret, love spreads like nerve gas
look to the sky, count your blessings, take this moment to smile

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