Have you Ever Wondered?

Interesting isn't it? That tamper tantrum princess and supermodel Naomi Campbell who has got an assault conviction for using her cellphone as a missile against a maid and for air-traffic violations against British Airways has been banned from sharing the stage with her long-lost grandfather Nelson Mandela during his London birthday bash at Hyde Park.

It's trivial given that talented crack queen and self-confessed 27er Amy Winehouse is billed to perform for Madiba tonight (June 27,2008) at 18h30 GMT) a song called 'Free Mandela'.
Question: What kills more celebrities, cellphones turned into missiles or drugs?

It's like saying conservative George H Bush (father to George W) will break bread with self confessed marijuana fiend, misogynist and porn producer black Snoop Dogg but he won't shake the hand of white trash rapper Eminem.
Question: What harms more kids, trash rap lines or exploitative pornography?

Also it's like Pope Benedict XVIII saying he'll rather sip red wine with Judas Iscariot in the St Peter's Cathedral and bar Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from the communion.
Question: Who betrayed the Holy Sheep?

By extension it's like British PM Gordon Brown opting for lunch with Zimbabwean election thief Robert Mugabe at the expense of South Afrikan president Thabo Mbeki.
Question: Is genocide as forgivable as ignorance?

Finally it's like Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni inviting leftist activist Trevor Ngwane for a meeting on revamping the monetary policy and leaving Finance Minister Trevor Manuel out in the cold.
Question: Does socialism stand a chance over market economics?

No prizes for guessing how sober Ms Winehouse will be when she finally meets the icon of morality.

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