A case for Eishkom.

South Afrika finds itself in an unenviable position whereby even though it is a Third World country it posesses First World infrastructure. The satellite television, technological advances, banking institutions and power generating stations. South Afrika has advanced power stations, among them Koeberg, which is a nuclear facility. And it has plans of setting up four pebble bed modular reactors which are costly and highly lethan, from an environmental point of view. To maintain First World infrastructure you need First World budgetting.

First World running costs extorted from Third World citizens who are earning Third World salaries. At the end those meagre salaries are eroded by inflation, bank charges, electricity bills, fuel prices etc.

What's the solution? All of us must downgrade to Third World lifestyles. First South Afrika must abandon hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we must all use Post Bank or Stokvels as our savings mechanism, invest more money in livestock than Inzalo shares which's performance we can't control, we should use firewood to cook and revive the MAGIC or DEFY coal stove, use public transport (notably buses and trains), shred our credit cards, design and make our own clothes and cowskin shoes, brew own malt beer and throw a middle finger to SAB-Miller and then grow our own marijuana.

Live a Third World lifestyle and laugh all your way to the Stokvel. Oops, let's also stop blogging to mitigate communication costs.

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