A case for the DALAI LAMA & the people of PALESTINE

I am the last person to condemn China for the way it treats the people of Tibet given that the Dalai Lama and his bunch of freedom fighters, who would be called terrorists in modern language were abandoned by the United States Central Intelligence Agency to the mercy of China in the early stages of their liberation struggle. Today, them getting their homeland back is as remote as that of the Palestinians getting their stolen land again.
Here are two scenarios one needs to understand. In Palestine, Britain had the power to decide the fate of the region when it finally withdrew its mandate there in the 19th century. And what do the English do? They abandon the Palestinians at the mercy of the Jewish Butcher Squads some led by people who are today celebrated in Israel as heroes.
The same was done by the CIA when it abandoned the people of Tibet at the mercy of China. Now, China wants to host the Olympic Games and the issue of Tibet comes up again. Some European countries are threatening to boycott the opening ceremony inorder to register their dissatisfaction with how China treats Tibetans (who are not Chinese). Indeed China is doing a lot of shit, if I may call that. It then accuses the Dalai Lama of instigating the current wave of monk uprisings in Lhasa which might spread to other provinces.
The poor Dalai Lama is exiled in India where he's heading a government in exile. It's a government which's de facto monk ministers are gradually dying and a chance of the youth taking over the struggle seems fading. Not with MIXIT, YouTube, MTV and Google preoccupying them when it's not Playstation 4 or Nintendo.
And now the world cries for Tibet and wants to show their anger by extinguishing the Olympic Flame in Greece where when the Olympics were held even wars were paused for the sake of the games. They don't succeed in extinguishing it in Greece then they move to London where the same attempt fails. And it moved to San Francisco where people protested by letting their statements glare at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.
I should say I'm impressed with the intenational patriotism portrayed by the whole world. I am inpressed with George W Bush calling for a boycott of the opening ceremony, including the European Union suggesting it. I am impressed with Thabo Mbeki saying Africa is succeeding while Robert Mugabe is in the process of stealing elections. Damn I'm impressed with all the people with fire extinguishers who are trying to blow off the flame and I wish them success at one of the continents. But my question is; if the Olympic Games were going to be hosted by Israel, would we hear the same rhetoric coming from world leaders and human rights activists. Would we see loads of people attempting the Olympic Flame before its final destination at Tel Aviv. Think about it, because I did.

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