Obituary of an Aborted Foetus
Khutso Malele, asks 'who killed hip-hop'

Word is, the title Hip Hop is dead created a whole lot of stir in the United States of America. No stir was created in the dusty streets of Shatale (South Afrika), except the one created by the whirlwind that hits us on typical summer days.
If hip hop is dead then this album played a part in the murder. A collaboration with Jay-z on Black Republican fails to raise the standard of the album. One has to be happy that the beef is over but their collabo still does not cut it.
On most albums Nas tends to feature his wife Kelis, but she also fails to bring a fresh sound to the album. What brings the album down has to be the production. There are some tracks which stand out amidst the mediocre ones. Still Dreaming featuring Kanye West is one of the tracks that do justice to Nas’ legacy of great tracks. Carry on Tradition is a tribute to hip hop, which says people should have a love for the culture, and it remains a true Nas classic. On Blunt Ashes Nas tends to attain a crunk flow which makes him sound ridiculous.
Although the album has a couple of guest appearances it still does not raise the bar for hip-hop. Some tracks like the first single Hip hop is dead, Who killed it and
Where are they now bring some freshness into the album. The album is on a 50/50 scale, but that makes it bad given Nas’ history in this industry. One has to wait and see if Nas can do justice with his next album NiGGA.

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