Concoction of Emotions
Mpumalanga News reporter Lungile Dube gets a taste of poet Goodenough Mashego's Taste of My Vomit poetry book and lives to relate her experiences. RATING; 7/10

The modern poetical and sensational writing of a local author with a coating of American slang to match - the 120-page book plays with a tongue and scenarios of the salad days which the author twisted creatively to match the millenium years.

Taste of my Vomit is his second poetical publication after Journey With Me, that hit the shelves in 2006.

A sight of the publication makes one think twice about stretching a hadn toward it, but as they say you can't judge a book by its cover.

Its credibility belies its small size. The title however tells a lot about the content. The book speaks about the author's feeling on his life, historical events and the recent social and political situation.

From the content of the book, I would say the author is angry at past events like apartheid and the lifestyle led by the youth today. He amazingly puts himself in the shoes of victims of circumstances. Like the poem Reincarnation, with emphasis on the nature of repetition. In rather unfriendly, explictly vulgar language, he describes life before reincarnation where he is surrounded by drugs, alcohol, violence and HIV/AIDS.

However he is disappointed with his second life where the world welcomes him as his same previous self. He then lives his life to the extreme, but as he asks life for a better deal to allow him to make his dreams a reality regardless of his environment.

Shakedown is a cruel portrayal of the episodes that took place in jail and the street corners of the location. It is pure concoction of emotions and opinions. In short, grab yourself a copy of the book for a taste of the vomit expressions.

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